​An Inside Look at Tim’s Training Belt Setup

Posted by Tim Marshall on Mar 6th 2024

​An Inside Look at Tim’s Training Belt Setup

After years of training and fine-tuning my belt setup for what I need, I have meticulously chosen gear for my belt with a solid rationale behind each selection. Join me as I walk through the functionalities of my gear, shedding light on why these items play a vital role in my training regimen.

First and foremost, let's address the core foundation of my belt setup - the Defense Mechanisms Mech Battle Belt and Mech Inner Belt. Naturally, the reliability and durability of Defense Mechanisms gear make it my top choice.

Starting at the centerline of my belt, one notable feature of my setup is the horizontal placement of my speed reload AR mag. While unconventional to some, this configuration offers me unparalleled convenience, especially in unconventional shooting positions. The horizontal orientation minimizes discomfort during odd movements, as it sticks out less. It makes for a swift reload and doesn't compromise my comfort during missions.

My holster setup, featuring the Safariland Red Dot holster mounted on a Guardian Warrior Solutions Bang Hanger, exemplifies versatility and comfort. Unlike traditional holsters, the Bang Hanger distributes the weight of the gun evenly. This keeps the gun tight to my side and doesn't force me to wear a leg strap in order to keep the holster stable.

Moreover, the integration of a Holster Tourniquet Sleeve connected to the holster highlights the importance of preparedness in tactical situations. This strategic placement utilizes the dead spot made by the holster and ensures quick access to essential medical supplies without compromising firearm accessibility.

As we progress down the belt, each component serves a specific purpose. I have two Single Pistol Mag Pouches angled at 45 and 22 degrees for ease of use and comfort, like the horizontal rifle mag. Below that is a Chem Light Caddy held from a Retention Hook. Near the backside, I run a Breaching Tool Holder for a flexible yet durable storage spot. Underneath my Handcuff Pouch used for storing my Battery Wrap, I use a Dump Pouch for rapid mag retrieval or any other purpose where it may come in handy to have a spare bag. The dump pouch saves space under my handcuff pouch thanks to the ability to share 2 of the 3 MOLLE loops with the Handcuff Pouch. The Dump Pouch simply hangs underneath and can be deployed from the rapid deployment tab with ease.

One notable inclusion in my setup is my separate Direct Injury Care Pouch, strategically positioned for easy access and versatility. Using the Waistbelt Strap Kit to convert it into a fanny pack-style design offers convenience and allows for quick deployment in emergencies.

My belt setup embodies a meticulous balance of functionality, comfort, and preparedness, suited specifically to my needs for training. Each component serves a distinct purpose, contributing to an optimized training experience. This belt setup is specific to my needs and uses, but with your creativity, it can be transformed for any job or mission you might have.