Adaptable Mission Pack Walkthrough

Posted by Tim Marshall on Feb 22nd 2024

Adaptable Mission Pack Walkthrough

Today, we're to delving into the details of the Adaptable Mission Pack, or AMP, from Defense Mechanisms. Regardless of the type of bag you're looking for, the AMP is designed as a versatile solution that can be tailored to meet specific needs.


When you first receive your AMP, it's essentially a blank canvas, waiting for you to unleash your creativity. It arrives stripped down with three placard expansion mounting surfaces, providing the freedom to customize and organize the pack according to your mission requirements. The main compartment, featuring both zippers and buckles, opens up entirely, revealing two loop-lined compartments on each side, perfect for adding placard expansions.

One distinctive feature is the smaller rear compartment, also loop-lined, but slightly more compact. This compartment offers additional space, albeit limited, suitable for smaller items like organizer bags, notebook organizers, or specialized tools.

A key design aspect is the side straps added to both compartments, preventing the bag from fully opening when not needed. This ensures convenience during setup while maintaining security and ease of use when in action. The top of the pack features GTSR buckles, acting as a backup to the zipper and preventing accidental openings. This is particularly useful when carrying items that may extend beyond the bag's confines.

The AMP is not just about functionality; it's also highly adaptable in terms of carrying options. MOLLE mounting allows direct attachment to plate carriers, and with our Rear Bag Strap Kit, you can convert it into a standalone backpack or pair it with one of our chest rigs.

Now, let's focus on a specific setup – the medical configuration. In this example, we've added tourniquet placard expansions, bleeding bags, an airway bag, and various organizer bags within the loop-lined compartments. The exterior showcases three tourniquets, a shears holder, a zippered full pocket, and a standard full pocket, providing easy access to essential medical tools and supplies.

The flexibility of the AMP extends beyond medical applications. It can seamlessly transform into an explosive breacher bag or serve as a companion for crowd control with a 40mm launcher. The possibilities are vast, limited only by your imagination and specific mission requirements.

 The Adaptable Mission Pack proves to be more than just a bag; it's a versatile and customizable solution designed to meet specific needs. With features like placard expansion surfaces, loop-lined compartments, and secure design elements such as side straps and GTSR buckles, the AMP offers functionality without compromising security. Its adaptability extends to various setups, including the medical configuration discussed, showcasing the limitless possibilities for this exceptional pack.