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The Mech Battle Belt is our minimalist outer duty/battle belt and is extremely thin when compared to the competition while keeping the strength and stiffness needed in an outer belt. It pairs perfectly with our Mech Inner Belt and all of our Pouches using the MOLLE+ belt loop system. The Mech Battle Belt will also work with standard molle pouches and Malice clips as well, bearing the weight on the belt material and keeping the overall thickness to a minimum compared to webbing style MOLLE belts.


  • Tegris Layered base
  • 2" width matches well with molle attachments
  • Hook interior attaches to the Inner Belt
  • MOLLE spaced stitching on the interior of the belt allows MOLLE pouches to be attached to the entire length of the belt


For best fit measure your waist and use the chart bellow.  For quick reference order the same belt size as your normal pant size.  Belts have generous adjustment and will typically fit one size larger and one size smaller than listed.

When in doubt order one size smaller than your normal pant size.

 Normal Pant Size
 (Without Pistol)

 Is your belt size

 Actual Waist   Measurement 


Size 24 26" - 30"
Size 26 28" - 32"
Size 28 30" - 34"
Size 30 32" - 36"
Size 32 34" - 38"
Size 34 36" - 40"
Size 36 38" - 42"
Size 38 40" - 44"
Size 40 42" - 46"
Size 42 44" - 48"
Size 44 46" - 50"
Size 46 48" - 52"
Size 48 50" - 54"

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22 Reviews

  • 4
    4/5 My favorite outer belt so far

    Published by Albert Bui on Jan 10th 2023

    One of the most well thought out outer belts I have ever come across yet. It has very generous MOLLE panels for the entirety of the belt. So if you're right handed and if you want a more natural placement for a faster draw, you've found a very good option. Layering the belt is very nice since there is an additional overlap. Adjustment is robust and fast. The cobra buckle they've chosen is small and will not hamper in comfort unlike larger ones. I do have several nitpicks. If you're using Bladetech Tek-Lok's like me, you're going to need to modify them for this belt. You must sand them by removing half of the shims but keep the whole nubs to mount, adding loop Velcro on the inside because the belt is very thin, and add hook Veclro on the outside for more adhesion to the inner belt. Now the belt is obviously not weight rated, it has to go through a lot red tape to do so. But I have noticed my pistol mag carriers flop somewhat inward. Granted they're fully loaded 23 round mags with Kydex mag carriers on Tek-Lok's so you're millage may vary. I also noticed that there is a bit of exposed Tegris outside on the ends of the belt. It can be a concern for IR signatures up close. If there is room for improvement I would suggest to more layers of Tegris for more rigidity to prevent flop, and cover more of the Tegris. But overall, a very great option.

  • 3
    Good Quality

    Published by Mo on Jan 5th 2023

    Follow the recommendations and size down. Mine is too big because I didn't follow the recommendations.

  • 5
    Mech belt

    Published by David threadgold on Dec 28th 2022

    Honestly I can’t go outside right now to test it because of blizzard temperatures. I was surprised how very light it was compared to all my other belts. I love how the curled edge of the inner belt makes it way easier than my other belts to. And the reason I bought it over the Kore belt was the Molly webbing is on the inside of main belt. That way it looks less tactical in town. Now that I have worn it I think the number one thing I love most is the light weight

  • 5
    Mech Belt

    Published by S on Dec 21st 2022

    One of the best belts I have tried. Very innovative and put together well.

  • 5
    Great quality

    Published by Juan Ramirez on Dec 19th 2022

    I did not expect for it to be as good as it is. I’ve gotten deferent belts and there is no comparison. Everything about it quality, functionality of it is perfect.

  • 5
    Battle belt and inner belt

    Published by Steve on Dec 8th 2022

    5 years LEO experience on patrol. Prior to this belt, I was using a Bianchi Accumold 2.25" belt with various inner belts and keepers for retention. The general setup for my belt from front left going around to front right is as follows: SafeLine 3 pistol mag carrier, P26 taser with Blackhawk Holster, I believe it is a FastMag 5.56 magazine holster, glove pouch (mid back), Asp cuff holster, OC pouch, Safariland UBL, Asp cuff holster, key ring. My normal configuration was a Blue Alpha belt for under belt with 5 keepers. With that out of the way, onto the product. Been wearing it on duty for a week so this is really initial impressions of the battle belt and inner belt. Fit and finish for me were good. No loose stitching or frays. The inner belt is solid and about what you would expect given its design. The belts are without a doubt designed to work in conjunction, as the battle belt itself is not very rigid itself and the inner belt helps support that, as it is a bit more firm and stiff. Gear for the most part affixed to the belt with no issues. The MOLLE+ or whatever they're calling it works well in supporting your gear. The belts overall are comfortable. The functionality over the Accumold is also much appreciated. The removal of equipment (MOLLE at least, as some of the pouches and the UBL still have to be slide off) is easier due to the nature of the belt being thinner. The adjustment of the belt is far superior and easier as well. As far as fitment for the MOLLE+, it is a little tight but I was able to secure my magazine carriers and Asp cuff holders through them effectively. The FastMag pouch is a little loose and I am going to try a pouch from Haley Strategic but overall, the pouch retains its functionality. I also got a new UBL. The 2.25" works but had a noticeable amount of play. The 2" UBL works as expected. I also replaced the SERPA lock on the taser holster with a Tek Lok clasp to take the play out of the taser holster, as the SERPA lock did not come with any of the spacers to adjust for smaller belts. I have a Blue Alpha belt lanyard en route to replace the key ring, though it is also still functional. I just wanted to try something different. I still utilize two keepers (1 behind the holster and 1 in front). The inner belt secures and retains the belt fine but extra retention, especially around the holster, never hurts. Only question that remains is running a traditional load on the belt which would be adding a radio and flashlight. My flashlight would be a non-issue but the radio adds some heft. Last thing I have is regarding sizing. I attempted to do the precise measurement and ordered accordingly. The belt I received is on the cusp of being too big. I have both belts cinched down and while it works, it is not as snug as I would prefer and that is even considering I have a few layers tucked in. The under belt can in fact max out and the outer belt buckle maxes out as well (obviously). So periodically, I might hike my belt back up just over my hips. I liked the belt enough, though, that I ordered another a size down. The website has a note stating that if not sure, order a size down from your pant size and I think that is pretty accurate. I am still wearing my first one for duty and it works fine, I'd just prefer more range on the adjustment, as that was a big selling point for me (the method of adjustment and the range). Overall, with the LE discount, I'd say this is a premium product at a great value. I think without the MIL/LEO discount, this product still offers tremendous value that is competitive with similar products.

  • 5
    Belt is excellent

    Published by Gary on Nov 21st 2022

    Using the belt for work, is excellent. Design combined with 2 inch inner gives plenty of rigid support but till slim enough where it doesn’t hinder movements

  • 5
    Mech belt

    Published by Cole Moore on Nov 21st 2022

    As a Police Officer I rely on my duty belt for 10-12 hours almost daily. I have used multiple different belts on the market all of which have fallen short in one way or another. The mech belt on the other hand fulfills all the major pit falls of the other belts. This is yet another product from defense mechanisms that is made with with shooter in mind. If you are a professional and you’re worried about comfort or stability look no further than the mech belt.

  • 4
    A fantastic belt, if you use OneWrap

    Published by Matthew on Nov 10th 2022

    The MECH belt is a fantastically stable belt that carries my magazines, IFAK, GP pouch, and dump pouch with ease, but which has one key flaw if you use older pouches: It doesn't like MOLLE webbing. Defense Mechanisms could fix this in a later iteration by laser-cutting MOLLE into the front surface of the belt, or by offering MOLLE panels that adapt to onewrap or MALICE clips. I was able to convert some of my legacy pouches to MALICE clips, which solved the issue, but just make sure that you use OneWrap or MALICE Clip pouches.

  • 5
    fitment, rigidity, and mounting.

    Published by Joshua Hernandez on Nov 9th 2022

    alright, this is going to be a bit of a longer written review but it is going to encase what I've experienced with this belt. the belt itself is like non other that I've had. my first belt that i owned as far as a gun belt was condor, and it came with a sticky skin texture grip pad that lined the inner, and the outer was your simple molle with a rigid plastic in it. this belt has a the newer rigid material known as tegris it is possibly the most perfect mix of rigidity needed without being crazy stiff like the safe life defense belts. the belt has what i would describe as a sandwich of outer molle poly/nylon material, the middle being tegris, and the inside being the other molle poly/nylon slots to mount your gear into, that means that you can effectively mount your holsters and others heavy/heavier pouches through the inside, if you need a reference of what I'm talking about, have a look at the gbrs group belt. the cobra buckles on the front are very very small and to be honest, if you have this belt set up as tight as possible so nothing on you moves when you are drawing your pistol or magazines from, that tiny cobra buckle in the front needs to be synched down and if it synched down as tight as possible, when it is time to take it off, you need to loosen the adjustable strap the male buckle is on to take it off, or else you are stuck in that forever loop of trying to take off your cobra buckle, but it keeps getting stuck on one side and then then other, it is a bit annoying, but i think this is only a issue that the smaller cobra buckles have when using them. as far as sizing goes, i am a 34 in pants on the waist, and I can say that this belt would even fit on someone that is a 36 or 38 maybe, there is a lot of extra material and that is a good thing, gear doesn't stay the same when you layer up, so being able to adjust the belt as needed, it is perfect. the only downside that i have experienced with this belt is that is super sharp sometimes when i run my hand across it when i am putting it on, with it being super sharp, if my shirt or pants aren't covering the edges of the belt, it will dig into my skin and it does hurt. ending off on a good note, this belt is possibly one of the better belts that i have owned as well as being just as functional and professional looking as other brands. give this belt a try for yourself and really take the time to set it up and explore all the best possibilities for mounting your stuff on it, you'll be amazed the features it has on it while being very minimal.

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