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The Mech Battle Belt is our minimalist outer duty/battle belt and is extremely thin when compared to the competition while keeping the strength and stiffness needed in an outer belt. It pairs perfectly with our Mech Inner Belt and all of our Pouches using the MOLLE+ belt loop system. The Mech Battle Belt will also work with standard molle pouches and Malice clips as well, bearing the weight on the belt material and keeping the overall thickness to a minimum compared to webbing style MOLLE belts.


  • Thermoplastic Layered base
  • 2" width matches well with molle attachments
  • Hook interior attaches to the Inner Belt
  • MOLLE spaced stitching on the interior of the belt allows MOLLE pouches to be attached to the entire length of the belt


* Proper holster fit to your belt is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Incorrect fitment may result in increased wear on the belt; such issues are not covered under warranty.*


For best fit measure your waist and use the chart bellow.  For quick reference order the same belt size as your normal pant size.  Belts have generous adjustment and will typically fit one size larger and one size smaller than listed.

When in doubt order one size smaller than your normal pant size.

 Normal Pant Size
 (Without Pistol)

 Is your belt size

 Actual Waist   Measurement 


Size 24 26" - 30"
Size 26 28" - 32"
Size 28 30" - 34"
Size 30 32" - 36"
Size 32 34" - 38"
Size 34 36" - 40"
Size 36 38" - 42"
Size 38 40" - 44"
Size 40 42" - 46"
Size 42 44" - 48"
Size 44 46" - 50"
Size 46 48" - 52"
Size 48 50" - 54"

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30 Reviews

  • 5
    Mech belt

    Published by Brandon on Apr 5th 2023

    DM does not disappoint. This belt is comfortable, lightweight and very badass.

  • 5
    Mech battle belt

    Published by David S on Mar 20th 2023

    The most robust and comfortable battle belts I've ever had the experience of buying. Didn't think much of two layer belts at first but after some research I decided to try and was amazed at the sheer quality and comfort of this belt! Holds almost 15 lbs of kit securely so far but has to be balanced well. Would definitely recommend to my friends and purchase again sometime!

  • 5
    Amazing Stitching

    Published by David M on Mar 17th 2023

    I worked armed private security for two years and wore a duty belt made from another company. This older belt I would have to use belt keepers to keep the inner and outer belt aligned. Even then it would reposition itself and fall around. Not this one. The full Velcro inner belt attaches to the outer belt like glue. Doesn’t move. The inner Mille with the Velcro holding my pouches gives the interface in between both belts to much surface to grab ahold of. This belt does not move. It’s very rigid. I am 5’ 8” and am 210lbs and wear a 38 x 30 in pants and ordered the 36 size for both the outer and inner belt, they fit great. I researched battle belts and I am so glad I purchased this one over the others I was looking at. So slick

  • 5
    The best battle belt

    Published by Jonathan Kerekach on Mar 9th 2023

    I’ve had a bunch of different belts over the years, but this belt is definitely my favorite. When I first seen it overlapping I thought that would be a huge issue, but it’s extremely smart. Having molle all the way up to the buckle is also extremely useful for getting perfect placement on certain pouches and items unlike other belts. I ordered one for work and was going to hold off on buying another, but I’m definitely buying another for personal use as soon as possible.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Published by Joe S. on Feb 23rd 2023

    This is my first Battle Belt, but not my first gun belt and I rate it for my needs, which may not apply to everyone. I finally migrated from leather and TekLok and paddle systems to a dedicated 2-piece belt and did a lot of research. I like the flat surface and lack of complex outer molle. Currently running UBL and holster, IFAK, and various mag carrier using one wrap, which stays put and makes adjustment super easy (for example, carrying extra pistol mags at a steel challenge versus carrying AR mags, etc.). The inner molle compartments are not like typical stiff designs, but work very well. My Ifak has two straps that runs through the inner portion allowing for break away use, without one-wrap, but stays flat and doesn't move unless I want it to move. Went with Ranger Green and it looks great. Highly adjustable and fit and finish is very nice. The buckle can be a little finicky and hoping it will smooth out, but that isn't a DM issue. I would buy again for sure. Also, bought right before Xmas and received almost exactly 8 weeks later.

  • 4
    Good, but!

    Published by Zeta on Feb 6th 2023

    Review written after 60 hours of belt wear. The belt got a wide range of adjustability, good stiffness and enough MOLLE space for you to run from tip to tip. I'd give it 5 stars if only my belt was shipped with a proper buckle. Mine was quite gritty, and that interferred with the operation of the belt, as sometimes the grittiness gives false positive as I thought I have clicked the buckles together, but in fact wasn't engaged properly; I collided into a wall and the belt got snagged on an edge, almost stripping half of the belt away from my waist. fun.

  • 4
    Belt buckle

    Published by Devin Campos on Jan 26th 2023

    I love the belt overall great rig! My only issue I saw was on the cobra buckle, when you tighten the slack and click the cobra buckle into place, the excess belt strap slowly comes loose. Not enough to render ineffective but enough to have to tighten the slack time to time

  • 5
    Fit, Would I buy again?

    Published by Mike on Jan 25th 2023

    First off the belt is hands down the best duty belt I ever used. Finish is flawless (which I was really worried about the seams and over all look) Seriously every attention was paid to the construction. Second, I wear a 36" pant I purchased the 34" belt, I could easily go down to the 32" and it would be right where I need to be size wise. Mine is synched all the way to the smallest setting and it is just right. So, lastly to me it was worth the wait and I will likely buy the 32" at some point. This is buy far the best battle belt over my aries or g code duty belts.

  • 4
    4/5 My favorite outer belt so far

    Published by Albert Bui on Jan 10th 2023

    One of the most well thought out outer belts I have ever come across yet. It has very generous MOLLE panels for the entirety of the belt. So if you're right handed and if you want a more natural placement for a faster draw, you've found a very good option. Layering the belt is very nice since there is an additional overlap. Adjustment is robust and fast. The cobra buckle they've chosen is small and will not hamper in comfort unlike larger ones. I do have several nitpicks. If you're using Bladetech Tek-Lok's like me, you're going to need to modify them for this belt. You must sand them by removing half of the shims but keep the whole nubs to mount, adding loop Velcro on the inside because the belt is very thin, and add hook Veclro on the outside for more adhesion to the inner belt. Now the belt is obviously not weight rated, it has to go through a lot red tape to do so. But I have noticed my pistol mag carriers flop somewhat inward. Granted they're fully loaded 23 round mags with Kydex mag carriers on Tek-Lok's so you're millage may vary. I also noticed that there is a bit of exposed Tegris outside on the ends of the belt. It can be a concern for IR signatures up close. If there is room for improvement I would suggest to more layers of Tegris for more rigidity to prevent flop, and cover more of the Tegris. But overall, a very great option.

  • 3
    Good Quality

    Published by Mo on Jan 5th 2023

    Follow the recommendations and size down. Mine is too big because I didn't follow the recommendations.

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