Mastering Modularity: Setting Up Placard Systems For Your Mission

Posted by Tim Marshall on Feb 29th 2024

Mastering Modularity: Setting Up Placard Systems For Your Mission

In today's world of tactical gear, modularity is key. Whether you're an experienced operator or a newcomer to the scene, having a versatile setup that adapts to your specific needs is paramount. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of setting up placard systems, exploring the diverse range of options and configurations available to you.

Understanding the Basics

At the heart of any placard system lies the base. This foundational component sets the stage for your loadout. Bases come in various designs tailored to accommodate different types of gear, from AR mags to sub-gun setups. Buildable placard bases are also a good option for adding variety in your placard setup.

Building Your Setup

Once you've chosen a base, it's time to find expansion pieces that suit your mission. We offer a vast array of essential items such as magazine or utility pouches, storage solutions, and retainment expansion pieces that ensure security and accessibility for every piece of equipment you carry. Easily take apart, swap out, and change up your system with expansion pieces that work universally with each other.

Exploring Expansion Options

The versatility of placard systems extends beyond bases and their expansion pieces. Side-ride pouches offer additional storage options, easily affixed to the exterior of your setup. From flashlights to tourniquets, these pouches can be configured to suit your specific requirements, enhancing accessibility and organization.

Enhancing Stability

Security is paramount in any tactical setup. The DM Placard Keeper provides an added layer of stability, ensuring your gear stays firmly in place during dynamic situations. By preventing unwanted movement or detachment, this simple yet effective accessory offers peace of mind in the field.

What sets our placard systems apart is their unparalleled customization options and modularity. From multiple bases and interchangeable expansion pieces to reversible side ride pouches, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your job or mission requires, you have the freedom to tailor your setup to meet your specific needs