Deep Dive into the APOC's Features

Posted by Tim Marshall on Feb 14th 2024

Deep Dive into the APOC's Features

Looking for a plate carrier that seamlessly transitions from patrol duty to high-risk situations? The Defense Mechanisms APOC might be your perfect match. Discover the APOC’s unique placard keeper system, removable belly band, and diverse customization options to create your ideal loadout. Don't compromise on comfort for capability—enjoy the best of both worlds with the APOC.

Dual Armor Capability

Unlike its predecessor, the MEPC, the APOC shines with its ability to house both hard armor plates and soft armor. This versatility caters to patrol officers who value the comfort and protection of soft armor for daily wear while offering the option to quickly integrate hard plates for high-risk situations. This adaptability makes the APOC a true two-in-one solution for patrol and tactical scenarios.

Scalability for Diverse Missions

The APOC isn't just about armor; it's about customization. Its modular design allows you to build your ideal setup for any mission, from patrol duty to SWAT operations. Add placards for magazines, flashbangs, and medical supplies, or pouches for specific tools and equipment. This adaptability ensures you have the right gear at your fingertips, no matter the situation.

Cummerbunds Redefined

Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable plate carriers. The APOC prioritizes comfort with its hybrid MOLLE cummerbund. This innovative design combines MOLLE panels for modularity with strategically placed elastic sections for flexibility. Instead of elastic taking up potential mounting space, the APOC’s cummerbund has hidden elastic in the back. This serves a dual purpose, as this location of the elastic protects it from the elements while giving the user more space for mounting along the cummerbund. This allows for a close fit that moves with you while remaining comfortable throughout long shifts.

Quick Detach Cummerbund for Swift Doffing

Emergencies don't wait, and neither should your gear. The APOC features a quick attach/detach cummerbund available with two options: FirstSpear Tubes or ROC buckles. This lets you don and doff the carrier in seconds, ensuring you're ready to react quickly when every moment counts.

Placard Keeper: Innovation Meets Security

The APOC introduces a game-changing feature – the placard keeper. This unique system secures placards from peeling up during physical confrontations, adding an extra layer of security for patrol officers facing potential threats. This innovative solution provides peace of mind knowing your gear stays put when you need it most.

Removable and Replaceable Belly Band for Extended Wear

The APOC understands that gear gets put through its paces. Its removable and replaceable belly band acknowledges the wear and tear that comes with daily use. This allows you to easily swap out a worn belly band for a fresh one, ensuring optimal comfort and performance over time. The belly band is also internally adjustable for your size, while being easily adjustable on the exterior for smaller changes in fit.

MOLLE Rear Panel: Your Gateway to Expansion

Need to carry a backpack or additional equipment? The APOC has you covered with its MOLLE rear panel. This versatile platform lets you attach backpacks, hydration pouches, or other mission-specific gear, maximizing your carrying capacity and keeping your essential items close at hand.

Multiple Colors and Configurations

The APOC is sold in all our normal colorways with the recent addition of navy blue, specifically for those in law enforcement that require this. Additionally, the APOC is offered with a legacy MOLLE mounting solution if your agency requires it. Otherwise, our placard mounting personalizes your APOC to perfectly match your needs and preferences.

Whether you're a patrol officer seeking a comfortable and adaptable carrier or a tactical officer requiring a scalable solution, the APOC offers a compelling blend of features and functionality. Its innovative design, comfort-first approach, and unique security features make it a strong contender for your next plate carrier.