Barricade Bag Walkthrough

Posted by Tim Marshall on Feb 21st 2024

Barricade Bag Walkthrough

Defense Mechanisms welcomes you to our latest innovation – the Barricade Bag. Discover its versatility designed to meet your tactical needs, providing a customizable setup for various deployment scenarios. Dive into the details and explore what sets the Barricade Bag apart.


First off, this bag is purpose-built for gas deployment with a 40mm launcher. The showcased configuration includes a standard Penn Arms launcher, allowing for three rows of munitions on the outside and up to nine rows in the main compartment. Whether you prefer 3 or 4-inch canisters, our 40mm placard expansions allow you to have the flexibility to set up either.

What's neat about the Barricade Bag is its adaptability. If your department opts for a multi-launcher setup, you can modify the bag accordingly. However, keep in mind that the bag truly shines when paired with a single launcher for optimal comfort and deployability. For those running a multi-launcher, our AMP pack might be a better fit for you.


Upon receiving the Barricade Bag, it comes stripped down, ready for your personal touch. Three rows of placard expansion on the outside offer a base setup.

The interior boasts a large loop-lined compartment, accommodating up to three placard expansions on each side, providing ample space for your munitions.

To keep things organized, we offer colorful velcro Identifier Tabs for easy labeling. Whether it's marking indoor or outdoor use or specific munition types, these little additions allow quick identification.

The Barricade Bag's launcher compartment is thoughtfully designed, padded for comfort and equipped with MOLLE and shock cord.

Cinch straps on the outside ensure that the bag stays securely closed during deployment, preventing any unexpected unfolding. The Barricade Bag is also versatile in its carrying options. While MOLLE attachment is an option, our Rear Bag Strap Kit in backpack configuration offers a more preferred method. With adjustable ride-height flaps, this bag provides a secure and complete solution for carrying bulky gas deployment options.

At Defense Mechanisms, we're all about options, and the Barricade Bag reflects that commitment. Whether you're a law enforcement professional, a member of a tactical team, or a security enthusiast, this bag is crafted to meet your unique needs.