Uncompromised Readiness through Technical Excellence.

It’s not a goal, it’s a starting point. It’s a backdrop to the mission where the canvas is filled with the shades of meticulous development and years of training. When the picture comes to focus, the faces of those we protect are etched out with testing, learning, reworking, and improving. It’s where experience and accolades meet devotion to the craft. It’s taking where others have fallen, respecting the paths they’ve walked, and promising to do better the next time.

Any situation, any mission, from the highest mountain to the lowest valley. See the need, create the solution, bring the best, and protect the weak.

The best ideas come from those who need them, so you’ll find designs by tireless innovators, built for relentless professionals. We create gear with the power to push the limits, then redefine the goal.

We are determined to innovate and proud to defend.

Welcome to the next generation of gear.


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