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Our AR Magazine Placard can be used on its own to carry any AR magazines or can be combined with any of our Placard Expansion Pouches and Placard Wrap to make a complete system. Attach your prefer placard to our MEPC, LCP, Or Light Chest RIG, or any of favorite similar carriers or chest rig systems.

Mounting Lengths:

  • OPTIMIZED is used for the MEPC or similar carriers (1.5" Strap Length)
  • STANDARD is used for industry standard carriers (2.75" Strap Length)


  • Pre-shaped elastic construction gives solid retention while allowing quick re-indexing of magazines
  • Open corner design allows for drainage
  • Compatible with our shock cord retention system
  • Available with either G-Hook or GTSR Latch attachments
  • Check out our Replacement QASM Buckles for attaching GTSR Placards to carriers without attachments.

Placard Wrap Sizing:

  • 3 AR-15 Magazine Placard fits Small Placard Wrap
  • 4 AR-15 Magazine Placard Fits Large Placard Wrap
  • 3 AR-10 Magazine Placard Fits Large Placard Wrap 


  • 3 AR-15 Mag Placard: 8.5" Width, 4" Height
  • 4 AR-15 Mag Placard: 11" Width, 4" Height
  • 3 AR-10 Mag Placard: 1-.5" Width, 4" Height

Handmade in Winona, MN

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30 Reviews

  • 4
    Mag Placard w/ Wrap & Full Front Zip

    Published by Brody Ketron on Feb 18th 2021

    I am running this paired with the placard wrap and full front zip pocket. I love the design and the ability to switch between different accessories/build as needed. But the one thing that troubles me is the actual width of the placard itself and how difficult it is to get mags out... I beer can my mags and I have a hard time getting a good grip on them, even with pushing the mag outward to fully beer can. I'm running this on the AC1 and I think the placard could utilize more real estate on the loop velcro.

  • 5
    4 magazine placard

    Published by Maddy on Feb 15th 2021

    four is the new three! all i can say is that i'm incredibly satisfied with the build quality, these pouches retain very well and reindex like esstac: they're not too deep, and the floor design allows drainage without grommets. Customer service was incredibly easy to deal with and the turnaround on getting the product was much faster than advertised (don't hold defmech to this.) finding this make was like finding a cool local skate company: I've had the product in hand for less than a week and people already constantly grill me about where I got it. don't let the low price trick you into thinking this is budget gear, these placards are a unique and well executed take on classic placards that will clearly stand up to real-world abuse.

  • 5

    Published by Philip Simon on Jan 26th 2021

    I would have to say for what this chest rig/placard system has with customization I believe it is completely worth the money. Even though this a new company they have a real good idea of what they are trying to accomplish in this industry. I just received my placard system and went with the small placard wrap, double pistol mag, triple rifle pouch, and Velcro admin pouch. Now I only run two rifle mags on the placard system, one pistol mag and use the other pistol pouch to hold my flashlight. I run it at their plate carrier at work on the support cell of our SWAT Team but haven’t have the ability to try the chest rig out as of now but will the first week of February when we have training. The only concern for me is that the pouches don’t sit in an actual pouch if possible I’d add a bottom thing for my wrap just for extra security but I will say running in the carrier and jumping now that I have attached the placard system it seems to be really secure. Final point buy and try it out and give the company feedback because they actually seem to give a damn about how they want to impact the end user.

  • 5
    Good AR Mag Placard

    Published by Nelson on Jan 21st 2021

    Extremely slimline. Takes some loosening to be able to index magazines a little easier during "tac" reloads but once broken in, they are really nice. Tight when new.

  • 4
    AR mag placard

    Published by Dave on Dec 28th 2020

    Excellent mag retention. Maybe a little too much retention for my taste. Would suggest make the straps for g-hook/buckle attachment adjustable or have that as an option. The placard sits about 2 inch too high on my lv119. And unfortunately the buckle on it isnt adjustable.

  • 5
    Amazing precision

    Published by Trevor on Dec 9th 2020

    The mags ride much higher than most placards, which is MUCH better for weight distribution but could be problematic if you run ATAKs or GPS on your front. The precision of the stitching is unbelievably perfect; the retention is nice and tight on AR15 mags while still allowing for easy drawing and reindexing without the use of kydex. These pouches are a good choice if you like esstac kywis but don't want the noise and bulk of kydex. These will hold AK74 mags but the locking lugs of the mags will drag across the elastic and make drawing the mags quickly hard and chew up the sidewalls of the mag pouches.

  • 5
    So far, the design is perfect!

    Published by 2ASuperFan on Oct 19th 2020

    Good retention, put together very well, and minimalistic....that's exactly what I was looking for.

  • 5
    Top notch product

    Published by Unknown on Sep 11th 2020

    Great quality, light weight, small but fits mags perfectly with just the right amount of retention. Ability to add top retention. Awesome design as a base layer for an adjustable system that lets you tailor it to the mission. Fits other armor and LC systems too (like Ferro chesty rig), which is a HUGE plus

  • 5
    Fits Mags Well

    Published by Sebastian on Sep 3rd 2020

    Mags fit super well, looks good, great quality.

  • 3
    3 Mag Placard

    Published by Jon on May 31st 2020

    I bought this with the full pocket and wrap. The whole system is very nice and modular, but I think the placard is the weakest part. Which some would argue the most important part of a placard system. There is three problems: 1. The mags shift. As in I have hit the ground with it and actually overlapped the middle mag over the right one. It pushed away from me about 1/4 inch and shifted left. It was ultimately a none issue and didn't mess up my draw, but it doesn't look nice, and could mess my draw when it matter. 2. Pull tab attachments. I have S&S pull tabs on these three. You loop them in the front and through these grommets on the back of the mag pouches. Everything fits, but due to the design the knot has to be facing the back. Disrupting the Velcro attaching the Placard to the Plate carrier Velco. Again, a non issue, but not optimal since DM could sew a little piece to the top of the back side so it won't interfere with the Velco. 3. Mags sit a different heights. I don't know if its just needs to be broken in, but all three of my mags are at different heights. Its more drastic on the last one towards my strong(right) hand. I face it the opposite direction than my first two. It curves in so weird it almost warps my Pmag into a AK mag. This is due to each pocket technically being its own, so they push off each other and form from the elastic. I don't think this would be an issue, but it sure isn't very pretty looking and I feel it will cause a problem in an off hand draw. Overall, three stars. Stuff can be fixed or maybe they can't and it's the nature of these elastic pouches. I'm not too worried about these issue as they are mostly cosmetic and me being paranoid Murphy's law. I'm probably going to be looking for something that works with the wrap and pocket still, but holds my mags better or I'll make something myself. If I can, I will update this when I get more range time with it.

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