5 Inch Hybrid Cummerbund

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  • 3 Rows of MOLLE webbing inside and out
  • Stiffened mesh for breathability and rigidity 
  • The addition of elastic allows the carrier to stay fitted through strenuous activity
  • Tapered front Velcro attachment reduces the need for precise alignment
  • optional ROC Buckle front attachment to aid in donning and doffing 
  • Size adjustable via rear Velcro attachment
  • Compatible with all carriers that accept Velcro front/rear cummerbunds



5in Hybrid Cummerbund - Velcro - S/M

MOLLE Cells: 5

Overall Length: 21” (individually, per half)

Length between Velcro: 12”

Fits T-Shirt Sizes: Small through XL


5in Hybrid Cummerbund - Velcro - L/XL

MOLLE Cells: 8

Overall Length: 25.5” (individually, per half)

Length between Velcro: 16.5”

Fits T-Shirt Sizes: XL through 4XL


5in Hybrid Cummerbund - ROC - S/M

MOLLE Cells: 4

Overall Length: 22” (individually, per half)

Length between Velcro: 12.5”

Fits T-Shirt Sizes: Small through XL


5in Hybrid Cummerbund - ROC - L/XL

MOLLE Cells: 7

Overall Length: 26.5” (individually, per half)

Length between Velcro: 17”

Fits T-Shirt Sizes: XL through 4XL


Handmade in Winona, MN


19 Reviews

  • 5
    5 inch cummerbund with QD

    Published by Charles on Jan 12th 2022

    Love the QD option. Great cummerbund so far.

  • 4
    5 inch Hybrid Cummerbund

    Published by Unknown on Jan 11th 2022

    Not as comfortable as the 4 inch elastic cummerbund, but if you need anything other that ar mags or a small radio, this is what you need.

  • 3
    Cummerbund too big

    Published by Jose on Dec 18th 2021

    The cummerbund said it'll fit XL-4XL shirt size, but i wear a 2xl and the cummerbund is too big. I made it work but i cant go smaller than that.

  • 4
    QD/Elastic Cummerbund

    Published by Novislav Đajić on Oct 24th 2021

    Giving it only 4 stars because they are simply too long for what I need. I ordered the Large sized plate carrier bag due to the fact I am planning on using trauma pads in conjunction with my 1" thick medium sapi plates. Well, since I ordered the large plate bags, I would only make since that the large cummerbund would result in a decent fit. I was wrong. In fact, to get both cummerbunds to fit snugly, I have to stack the front and rear velcro pads on top of each other, reducing the amount of space I have to attach anything on my front. This also means that both QD points are at the very front of me, instead of being more biased to their respective side. (Side note, It would be nice to have the ability to order one QD cummerbind and one non QD in one set.) I have ordered side plate bags as well now in order to fill in some space that would otherwise be empty. Other than that they are built extremely well and I would definently buy a size lower next time.

  • 5
    Hybrid cummerbund

    Published by Trek Bjelica on Aug 24th 2021

    It’s the perfect cummerbund. I currently own multiple plate carriers and this cummerbund is by far the best. It has all the Standard things you’d expect from a three row molle cummerbund but with that slight stretch from the rear. It allows me to set up my carrier so it’s tight when I’m wearing just a T-shirt but whenever I wear additional clothing it still fits due to the stretch on the back of it. Absolutely recommend

  • 5
    Great Upgrade

    Published by Mack on Jun 18th 2021

    The QD is an awesome upgrade over the traditional straight velcro straps. My DM carrier is my active shooter rig, and the faster it gets on the better. The hybrid mesh really improves the breathability for me, someone who is not a fan of the more skeletonized strap-only options.

  • 4
    Almost Perfect

    Published by Isaac on Jun 5th 2021

    This is a really well thought out product. The QD buckle system is excellent, the velcro is incredibly strong, and the webbing is high quality, but I have one gripe. The Small/Medium size with QD system is simply too large to be called a small/medium. The elastic has too much give to chinch down tight enough, without overlapping the rear velcro in a way that sacrifices velcro-to-velcro contact. (For perspective, I'm not a skinny guy. I'm 5' 11", 180lbs, and a pretty muscular build.) This problem could be solved by shortening the elastic by about 1.5" on each side, or by adding about 2" of velcro real-estate to each rear velcro attachment point. Overall, very well made, but could be truly perfect with this one change. I'd much prefer that they made a designated "small" size, rather than attempting to fit multiple sizes into a more generic size.

  • 4

    Published by Alan on May 18th 2021

    The cummerbund itself is nice, but the sizing has a lot to be desired. I have the Xl-4X as I thought the S/M would be way too small. It would be nice to have a more thorough understanding of how this cummerbund system works.

  • 3
    Hybrid has significant sag

    Published by Dan on May 17th 2021

    Bought the SML/MD 5-inch Hybrid with the QD tubes. The design is good and light weight, however the elastic causes it to sag significantly and bounce around when heavier items are attached to the MOLLE. Also, the elastic is unnecessary due to the roominess of the cumberbund. Going to buy the 5-inch without the elastic and hope for the best.

  • 5

    Published by Scott on Mar 10th 2021

    Top notch

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